Insurance & Forensic

CRETE MEDIGROUP is an innovative company that looks ahead & pioneers in the field of primary health care by introducing a portion of forensic for the patients to be considered by the insurance companies because of road – labor accidents – drowning in a hotel pool as well as a beating of the toxic substances as well as and the declaration of rape in human.


Our suspension (Dr. Orfeas Peridis)

For me, modern forensic science & art with medical case-law and legal medicine is not just a profession. It is passion and lifestyle.

The mission of the Company delimits the framework on which my decisions and actions are based. My main values share each customer as well as any scientific associate of the company as well as the certified laboratories in Greece, Europe, USA. and Australia.

Its mission is to maintain a recognized primary in its performance in the Greek & Cypriot forensic arena through the provision of innovative medical solutions, undoubtedly dynamic and aggressive representation in the Court of Justice of deposit and continuous commitment to better service of its customers and in the positive value relationship / cost / effects of its services, provide its services to natural and legal persons except for doctors, law firms, air, shipping companies, by taking cases involving its subject-matter, providing fair results with full confidentiality and Always respect for the benefit of society and the citizen in the award of justice.


Dr. Orfeas Peridis



For more information about our work, you can see a small sample of the case photo file – or email to for any questions you may have.

Select here to navigate the case file (attention, hard images, unsuitable for minors).

You can also visit our blog, where you will find articles on forensic affairs we investigated and successfully resolved in favor of our customers.

For more information on the Forensor Dr. Orfeas Peridia, select here.

The meaning of our symbol

The supreme design, the “Spiral” symbol of vital energy, the source of life and spiritual power, has the same symbolism as the Labyrinth and its dance or his strides. It also symbolizes the endless time, the archetype of renewal and the proof that everything is connected to each other, time, people, events, stories, coincidences.