The meaning of our symbol

The supreme design, the “Spiral” symbol of vital energy, the source of life and spiritual power, has the same symbolism as the Labyrinth and its dance or his strides. It also symbolizes the endless time, the archetype of renewal and the proof that everything is connected to each other, time, people, events, stories, coincidences.

CV Dr ORFEAS K. PERIDIS, General Practitioner (GP), CEO, MD, MSc, BSc, PhD

He was born in Peristeri, Athens, in 1957.

In 1975 graduated from Peristeri High School.

From 1982 to 1983 served in the Hellenic Army: [Kalamata – Arta – 401 General Military Hospital of Athens – Limnos]. I hold the rank of Second Lieutenant of the Army Health Services.

In 1983 I entered the Athens University Medical School. I graduated in 1990 with grade “GOOD”.

In 1992 I entered the National School of Public Health from which I graduated in 1993.

In 1994 I obtained a specialty degree in Forensic Medicine.

In 1997 I was awarded my PhD at the Athens University Medical School with grade “VERY GOOD”.

From 1995 to 2005, I worked as a forensic medical expert performing forensic medical expertise acts in several Greek towns upon the order of the Police and the Public Prosecutor.

From 1990 onwards, I have worked as a medical examiner for “SCOPLIFE”, “MINΕΤΤA” and “ETHNIKI” insurance companies.

From 1991 to 1994, I worked as a general doctor at the “MEDICAL CENTRE OF PALAIO FALIRO” and the clinic of Mr. DALIANIS.

In 1998, following placement examinations, I entered the 3rd semester of the Department of Sociology of the Athens Panteio University. I graduated in 2000 with grade “VERY GOOD”.


  • 1990, Medical Degree, Athens University Medical School.
  • 1993, Degree in Public Health, National School of Public Health.
  • 1994, Specialty Degree in Forensic Medicine.
  • 1997, PhD from the Athens University Medical School: “Identification in forensic Dentistry histological study”.
  • 2000, Degree in Sociology, Athens Panteio University.

Foreign Languages

  • 1974, First Certificate in English (FCE).
  • 1975, Certificato di Lingua Italiana.


  1. In 1995 – 96, 1996 – 97, 1997 – 98, and 1998 – 99, I presented scientific topics related to my field of study within the framework of the course “CRIMINOLOGY, A THEOLOGICAL APPROACH” at the Department of Social Theology of the Theological School of the University of Athens.
  2. In January & February 2001, I presented scientific topics related to my field of study within the framework of the Residency Training Program organized by the Department of Pathology of the General Hosp-ital of Kiparissia (in Peloponnese).
  3. On 29-5-2001, presentation of the topic “Forensic medicine issues related to drowning caused by diving in seawater and diving-related deaths” at the Coast Guard Petty Officers Academy (Skaramagas) of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine.
  4. 2006 – to date, teacher of “Anatomy – Physiology – Pharmacology” at Public Institutes for Vocational Training (IEKs) of the Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK).


  1. 2000- 2004, Scientific Collaborator of the Chair of Health Services Management at the National School of Public Health working on: ‘road accidents and road users’ behavior under the influence of alcohol; disability rates and consequences on the compensation of the victims by the government from 1995 to 2000”.
  2. 2006-2007, examiner and marker of the certification examinations (practical and theoretical part) organized by the Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK) for the following specialties:

Contribution to Books :

  1. Environment as a victim and its protection, Greek Society of Victimology, published by ‘Perivolaki and Atrapos” OE’ Athens 2000, pages 145-154, ISBN 960-8077-13-3.
  2. The contribution of the local government in the prevention of victimization due to crime, Greek Society of Victimology-University of Thrace, Central Union of Μunicipalities and Communities of Greece, published by Ant. N. Sakkoula Athens-Komotini, 1997, pages 105-110, ISBN 960-232-738-3.
  3. Dental imprints as an identification and exemption tool for a suspect individual, Criminal Procedure 8-9,1999, 2nd year, pages. 864-865.
  4. « P E D O P H I L I A » CRIMES AGAINST SEXUAL FREEDOM DIRECTED AGAINST MINORS, Copyright O. Peridis, Athens 2017, ISBN 978-960-93-9072-9.

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